THE Live Event For Acro Dance Teachers

You're an ADTA Member Teacher committed to learning and improving your craft. But you are ready for an in person conference to refine your craft, meet and work with your fellow classmates, and could use some acro inspiration.

Your solution: AcroLIVE, an annual live event hosted by the Acro Dance Teachers Association.

The inaugural AcroLIVE will be held on July 19th - 21st, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

  • Day 1: Spotting Clinic (for ADTA Members only): 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Day 2: Non-movement Workshops (for all teachers): 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Day 3: Movement Workshops (for all teachers): 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Workshop topics include:

  • Working Through Trick Families: Technique and Spotting
  • Practicing and Perfecting The Technique Warm-up System
  • Structuring Your Classes and Your Year for Maximum Results
  • Anatomy and Physiotherapy for Acrobats
  • How To Build a Foundation For Advanced Tumbling
  • Promoting Positive Self-Image in Acro Class
  • Round Table Discussion on Key Industry Topics
  • Creating Across the Floor Acro Dance Progressions
  • Teacher Acro Dance Choreography Class
  • Trick Variations, Entries and Exits for Choreography

Build connections with fellow teachers, practice your skills in Teachers-Only Class (don't worry: it's a judgement-free zone!) and have some fun with the ADTA faculty.

The ADTA has already helped hundreds of teachers around the world re-vamp their acro programs - now it's YOUR TURN!

Here are your next steps:

  1. Register HERE!
  2. Read through your Welcome Booklet inside the members area.
  3. Get INSPIRED and RE-ENERGIZED this July!

*Only 30 spots are available, so avoid disappointment and REGISTER EARLY! Registration is open for ADTA Teachers FIRST and at an EARLY BIRD price, from February 11th-12th, and will be open to the general public February 13th.

Your Instructor

Melissa Klassen
Melissa Klassen

Melissa Klassen is an Acrobatic Dance specialist and Mentor. As Founder of the Acro Dance Teachers Association, and creator of the original Acrobatique AcroDance Syllabus, Melissa uses this platform to spread her message to Instructors of the importance of positive role modelling and mentorship for our youth. Melissa is a mentor, and Acro is her method.

For over 20 years, Melissa has built her career as an expert in AcroDance, safe spotting practices, injury prevention, gymnastics, adjudication, and positive mentorship. Melissa takes her role in molding and developing children very seriously, and it is the backbone to all of her work.

Melissa has extensive experience helping Studio Owners and Instructors put in place Acro Systems at their studios that are safe, appropriate and fun! Several of her own students have gone on to fulfil exciting professional careers, but what she is most proud of, is the impact she has been able to make on her students’ lives; as well-balanced and contributing members of society. Melissa is proud of her students’ accomplishments and of the positive impacts they are making in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are involved?
Costs include a $199 CAD ($149 USD) tuition fee, plus your hotel room and meals. We will also be going on some outings in the evening that are optional, but will be a lot of fun.
I follow a different acro syllabus / I'm not an ADTA Member. Can I still come?
Absolutely! This event is not syllabus-based even though it is run by the Acro Dance Teachers Association. We're confident that you'll take lots of info back to your classes regardless of the specific methodology you follow.
Do I need to be able to perform acro tricks myself?
Nope! We WILL be holding a Teachers-Only Class (where YOU can be the star for once!) but it's a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE, and we encourage you to have some fun no matter what level you're at. However, if you'd rather watch from the sidelines, that's completely acceptable too!
Where is the event held?
AcroLIVE 2019 is happening in Calgary, AB, Canada!
Can I bring a student with me?
We love giving your students the opportunity to demonstrate at our events! Student spots are very limited, so if you have a student you'd like to bring, please email the office at office@acrodanceteachersassociation.com for demonstrator requirements!
I want to come, but I won't know anyone else there...
Not yet, but by the end of the weekend, you'll know EVERYONE! We don't bite, and we want this to be a fun, positive event where you make new connections.
You didn't answer my question.
Sorry about that! Shoot us an email at office@acrodanceteachersassociation.com and we'll sort it out.

Get started now!